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Web Design

Every business is unique. But whether you're a one-person operation or a company with millions in sales a year, one thing is certain. Your customers and prospective customers are looking for information about you online. They may want contact information, detailed information about your products, driving directions, or even to complete a purchase at 3am on a Saturday morning. If you're not on the web providing what your customers want they will look to your competitors for help.

Having a skillfully planned and executed web site can build your business. Equally, a poorly planned and frustrating to use site can actually drive your customers away. At Content Is Queen Productions we take the time to learn what your business needs and desires are and help you create a website that furthers your business goals.

Custom Web Design

At Content is Queen we take the time to get to know our customers, their life goals, their business goals and needs. Then we help our customers build an affordable and effective web presence that helps move their company in the direction they want to go.

A well-designed web site can significantly improve your business, but if you don't use it effectively you aren't receiving all of the benefits that are your due. We take the time to ensure our clients understand what their options are in terms they can understand so that they can intelligently make decisions about their web presence. Whether you're a programmer who just needs the design portion of a site done, or if you are still trying to grasp basic concepts of the web, Content Is Queen will help you attain the level of understanding you need. Then we'll work with you closely to develop and launch a web site you're proud to show to your mom, your business associates, and your customers.

From the initial concept and planning, through the design and creation of a web site, to the initial launch and continued site maintenance, Content Is Queen is there with you. We offer full-service web services so you don't have to worry about the details. We will do all of the leg-work so you can make sound decisions based on our findings and recommendations, and you can concentrate on your core strength: running your business.

We offer free initial consultations to help you get your questions answered about us, the web, and how a well designed site can enhance your business. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you.

Site Analysis

Do you already have a web site but are unsure of its effectiveness? Do you know you need to "fix" your site but are unsure of what needs to be done? At Content Is Queen we can analyze your site for you and give you an objective assessment of the effectiveness of your site.

We look at numerous items including but not limited to the following when reviewing your site:

  • Overall look and feel of the site
  • Site organization, navigation, consistency and ease of use
  • Graphic quality, color usage and design
  • File and behind-the-scenes coding optimization
  • Search engine optimization elements
  • Search engine rankings
  • Content available vs. content needed by customers
  • Obvious and not so obvious web design mistakes
  • User-friendliness and/or frustration level of site users
  • What is needed vs. what is not needed on the site for business goals
  • Is the site effectively doing what the business needs?

After analyzing your site we will recommend strategies and changes needed to ensure your web site is performing the way you need it to perform.

It only takes a couple of hours to find out what is really happening with your website. It's not always what you think. Please contact us and we can schedule your site analysis.

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