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Search Engine Optimization

Having an effective web site in today's world includes being able to be found by your customers. More often than not this means being found quickly in a search engine. Content Is Queen will help you understand what your site needs to be found in the search engines and will help you improve your site rankings.

No one can say positively they can guarantee #1 rankings. If they do, they are lying. But there are numerous things that can be done with a web site to ensure good placement in the appropriate categories. Content Is Queen can help you achieve your ranking goals by ensuring that several key items are properly done. These items include appropriate behind the scenes coding, called meta tags, so that search engines can acquire appropriate keywords and a good description of your site. They also include how the copy on your page is written to maximize what the search engines pick up on, how other sites link to your site to improve your visibility and other crucial techniques to ensure the highest placement possible.

After doing all of the things you can to improve your ratings, we will monitor your search ratings and manage to improve things along the way. Once you've done these things, if you still wish to improve your rankings then we can design a web advertising and key word program within your advertising budget to improve your search engine placement.

We offer free initial consultations to help you get your questions answered about us, the web and how search engines actually work, and how a well designed site can enhance your business. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you.

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Which Search Engine is King?

Did you know? 76.2% of web searches in February 2007 were conducted on Google.com or Yahoo.com.

How does your site rank on these two search engines?

We can help boost your ratings.

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