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Accessibility Reviews

Is your web site accessible to the largest amount of customers? When you think of accessibility issues do you just think of people in wheelchairs? Accessibility is much more than helping people with obvious disabilities, it is about making subtle enhancements to a website so that eveyrone can use it. Most of these enhancements take just minutes to add while designing a website, but they can greatly improve the professional and friendliness level of your site.

Many accessibility enhancements also benefit that average user, such as giving the ability to enlarge or reduce the size of your text to the end user who has difficulty seeing all of the text on the page. Another example of ensuring accessibility is placing a description of an image that does not come through to someone on a slow bandwidth connection or who cannot see the image. Another item is ensuring a form is accessible so the end user can tab through the form in the proper order and be able to fill text fields because they can tell what the text fields are because they are properly lableled in the code.

Content Is Queen can help ensure your website follows the current accessibility standards, such as Section 508. If your business receives any funding from the federal government you are required to maintain an accessible website. As more and more consumers are challenging businesses legally to provide accessibility, making sure your site is compliant is becoming more important. Plus, accessibility can help you down the road in terms of customer satisfaction with your business.

Content Is Queen is happy to review your site for accessibility issues and to help you modify things as needed to ensure your end users receive the best possible experience, and to help protect your business legally from accessibility suits.

We are happy to provide free initial consultations to help you understand what accessibility actually means and how it can improve your relationship with your customers. Please contact us and set up a meeting today.

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Who Says Accessible Has to be Ugly?

There's a big misconception that making a site accessible takes features and pictures away. Not true! Adding accessibility enhances a site so that the most number of users can take advantage of its features and information.

Check out a couple of our completely accessible websites and see for yourself!

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